Ensophonic Arts

Presence and Play

Ensophonic Arts: A community based musical experience.

Making music easy and fun.
At Ensophonic Arts, we are changing the stigma that playing a musical instrument is difficult. Handpans are remarkably user friendly, and we want to show you how easy and fun it is to create music with your own two hands.
Bringing Community Together.
Handpans have a unique way of bringing people together. The handpan community is a global group of incredible people, many becoming life long friends. From local jam sessions to worldwide weekend handpan festivals, everyone is always meeting to catch up and connect. Our goal is to help our community continue to grow and be inclusive to more and more people of all walks of life. The handpan community is a place where all are welcome, and all find a sense of belonging.
Igniting Passion and Purpose.
Whether you are seeking a new hobby, a passion to fully surrender to, a sense of belonging, or a doorway to unexpected opportunities, becoming involved in handpans may just help you find it. Many will attest that somehow handpans gave them just what they needed in life, so at Ensophinic Arts, we hope we can help you on that journey by introducing you to handpans.

Your Guide

Lover and creator of Spirit Handpans, Bec Paige wants nothing more than to bring you into the resonant world of handpans. After about nine years of living and breathing handpans, she has flung the doors wide open.


Let her guide you to moments of energized fun, community building, and a peaceful reset through the expressive sounds created with your own hands!