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Group Handpan Discovery

A fun, limitless open exploration of handpans in a group setting with guidance on an as needed basis. A chance to dive in and get to know what handpans are all about.

Collaborative Experiences

Blending handpans with other artforms and local delights. Handpans, tea, chocolate, wine and more! Play, taste, discover, enjoy!

Meditation Through Handpans

A peaceful reset to find calm and balance through a relaxing, guided handpan experience. Give yourself a pause and feel the soothing vibrations you can create.

Women's Empowerment

A safe space for women to explore a new passion, express themselves, and find or express their power. All individuals identifying as women are welcome.

LGBTQ+ Community Building

A safe, closed space offering various types of workshops specifically for the LGBTQ+ community.

One on One Handpan Experience 

One on one handpan lessons and explorative sessions for those who want a quieter space to dive deeper into the sounds of handpans.